Why enrol your child into Ready To Learn?

  • To give your child the confidence to start school
  • To get your child excited, enthusiastic and confident about learning
  • To transition your child into the school environment with ease
  • To give your child the fundamental competencies of self-esteem and social empathy
  • To stimulate your child and motivate him or her to learn
  • To make learning fun and engaging through the use of arts and crafts, music and role playing
  • To teach your child to work in small groups with children of his or her age
  • To listen and follow instructions
  • To develop oral language skills
  • To help your child take his or her learning to the next level
  • To read, write and interpret numbers and letters, sounds and words

Starting school is a very big deal for little children. There are so many things that they need to adjust to. By enrolling your child into the Ready To Learn program, your child will not only have a head start on letter, phonic and number recognition, they will also gain the necessary social development skills, making the transition into the overwhelming school curriculum so much easier.

What your child will receive upon enrolment:

  • Ready To Learn T-Shirt
  • Ready To Learn Class Bag
  • Ready To Learn Folder
  • Ready To Learn Pencil