Ready To Learn offers fun and engaging classes that get your children ready for the social demands of a classroom setting, and teaches them the basic English and Mathematical skills to build their confidence in the early stages of learning.

We offer 3 Programs for Readiness for School
1 hour class per week

We offer 2 Programs for Ready at School / Tutoring
1 hour English class & / or 1 hour Mathematics class


We offer Craft Classes

P3 Craft

Each of the programs have different outcomes and levels to cater for your child’s individual needs.

Our 1 hour classes consist of a whole class focus and small group activities to aid that focus. Throughout the lesson, educators work one-on-one to reach targets set out for your child. We believe children learn better in a small group environment as they do not feel isolated. They are with their peers learning and having fun. There are a variety of activities to keep students excited and motivated. Each week students will take home a Ready To Learn folder, containing fun tasks to complete at home during the week between classes.


In class your child will experience:

  • Fun interactive games that will motivate and inspire them to want to learn
  • Activities that will cater for their different learning styles
  • Learning through stories, arts and crafts, role play,
    music and rhymes, building blocks and manipulatives
    (e.g. playdough, clay, sand)
  • Social skills such as working, co-operating and listening to the educators and other children in a small group situation
  • Learning to share, listen, take turns, create and complete their work
  • How to become confident, independent learners

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Class Details & Outcomes