Our Staff

Aylin and Shifa are qualified and dedicated professionals who are passionate about education and children’s learning. Between them they are qualified teaching professionals, specialising in spelling and reading through phonics.

They are also dedicated mothers. They both have young primary aged children and are acutely aware of the demands for young children starting school. They want the best for their own children and for yours. They want to offer their experience to you as educators and mothers who have helped their children transition successfully to school.

Teaching Philosophy

We love teaching and making a positive impact on the lives of children.

We strongly believe in helping children achieve and strive to be the best they can be. We pride ourselves on knowing each individual student’s learning style and personal interests, in order to cater for his or her learning and development. We are able to read and interpret our students’ learning development and progress in order to encourage them to achieve the best outcomes and results possible.

At Ready to Learn we foster an environment, which displays positive reinforcement, and is friendly, happy, and fun. We believe we make students feel safe, by providing them with an encouraging and nurturing atmosphere to learn in. Our students’ learning success is a partnership between educator and parent/guardian. The reinforcement of what students have been taught in class at home will consolidate your child’s learning and development.

We know that each of our students have the potential to bring something unique and amazing to the world. Our job is to guide them in their journey. Teaching is an extremely important and honourable occupation that demands commitment, enthusiasm, passion, patience, knowledge of content, creativity and above all, a love for children.

Teachers have the privilege of becoming the inner voice of future generations.



Aylin: Miss A

  • Associate Diploma of Social Sciences - Community Development
  • Certificate in Spelling and Reading through Phonics for Tutors
  • Accredited Australian Tutor
  • Member of Australian Tutor Association

Aylin has worked with many children and their families over the last 8 years guiding and supporting parents and their roles in the development of their children. Aylin is a very passionate, fun and positive person who brings out the best in those who she surrounds. Combined with her knowledge, ability to engage and her desire to give every child the opportunity they deserve.

Aylin is specifically trained in:

  • The Role of the brain in learning
  • Using skills, including handwriting, listening and pronunciation
  • English Phonics- the sounds, letters, rules- for better spelling and reading
  • How to read accurately, fluently and expressively, using decoding skills
  • Societies: An introduction to social analysis
  • Human behaviour across the lifespan: An introduction to psychology
  • Interpersonal communication

Shifa: Miss S

  • Bachelor of Education Degree - RMIT University
  • Accredited Australian Tutor

Shifa has had over 10 years of experience in Primary School Teaching. She has a passion for teaching and helping kids develop and evolve in their learning. Students respond to her and progress tremendously under her tutelage. This is because Shifa takes the time to know her students. She uses that knowledge to implement teaching methods that make it easier for them to learn. She invests time in knowing her content, and is always meticulous in her planning, which allows her to create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments.

Teaching Experience:

  • Has taught Grades Prep to Year 6
  • Developed curriculum and planning documents using curriculum documents set out by the Victorian Government for various year levels
  • Been a Team and Staff Development Leader
  • Has implemented literacy and numeracy intervention programs with a focus on NAPLAN comprehension